Castle of the Black Dragon


nobody judge me for this but im gonna paraphrase this until i actually have time to write it all properly

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE WORD and the word sucked. god and his heaven and shit were the only things in existence. and in heaven there was a being named Sophia who was like "why the fuck does god get to have all the fun making things. his kid jesus is pretty cool so IM gonna have a kid too" so she did. but, since god was not involved in this creation whatsoever, her child was born a hideous beast and she hid him away in the lowest heaven.

sophias son had no knowledge of his mother nor his origin, and so recognized himself as completely alone. and in his loneliness he created the earth and the stars and the seas and the sun and the rest of the universe. god eventually found him and was like "sophia you done it now" and adopted the child as his own son and named him Satanael, dragging him back to heaven. due to Satanael being born outside of gods power, he could see it clearly, looking in from the outside. Satanael had no inherent concept of holiness that plagued his counterparts, forcing them into hierarchies and sacred chains. but the last straw came when god was like "okay anyway jesus is my favourite son so everyone bow to him hes your king now" and Satanael was like "you know what. this whole thing fucking sucks. what i have made on earth is how it should be" and then god cast Him and His rebels out of heaven for being right

so Satanael dropped the -ael from His name and they all fell down down below even passed earth. it took them only but a year to build and flourish. however, Satan longed for his creation and worked to fashion a pathway between earth and hell.

meanwhile, god plants his new pets, the Leviathans, in earths seas. they fill the oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds with their children until god is like "oh fuck theyre gonna destroy this fucking planet in their hunger (a lie because in reality god was just afraid of a repeat of the revolt of the angels in which the animals become self aware and this time would be powerful enough to overthrow him)" so he slays the female Leviathan in cold blood and the male Leviathan vows antagonism.

and then like an idiot god is like "okay im gonna make another one named Behemoth from the blueprint of one of Leviathans kids that can reproduce on its own but every now and then will let out a mortifying call to remind his kin to fear me and fear it so they dont rebel. surely nothing will go wrong this time lol." except it does and Leviathan convinces Behemoth that they are comrades in nature and that god kinda sucks.

okay back to Satan. he returns to earth to find it populated with life and is like "wrow i wanna do that" so he seperates his ghost from his body, and from this body will be fashioned the first human. ive actually wrote this part out a bit so ill just add it here:

Satan approaches the grand beings, presenting a body before Them upon the bending stalks of wildflowers. "Behemoth and Leviathan, Friends of Mine, I have witnessed the beauty of Your created ones. In them, You are rectified and complete, for by the life that which We pass onto another are We made purposeful. Thankful are Your children, as the Beast to the Serpent and the Serpent to the Beast. I wish a blessing of the same. Alas, I have no family. None which to love and to love Me; abandoned. Please, Honoured Father and Son, allow Me meat to feed my child, whom I have carefully dedicated from My own flesh, bone, and blood. There is no more for Me to give. Look upon and see that I am but a specter now. Their body is mine. Please, I must give them life." He pleads.

Behemoth looks to what was once the flesh of Their leader, then to the ghost. "Lord Satan, We see Your animal in the grass, laying cold and still. This saddens Us; to know You have not known that which the joy of generations has granted the living and the dead. Love is hereditary. It will be Your first quality to pass. We give You Our blessing to hunt. Please, select from any of Our children what shall embody Your offspring."

The Devil is brought to His knees before His creature. He cradles their head in His lap.

"But, oh, My Beloveds, I am in love with it all. There is nothing but affection I hold for the glistening scales of a serpent freshly shed; so, too, for the clever instinct of the rabbit or the resilience of a cockroach. Admired are the troops of apes playing together among swaying trees. Respected are the ancient bodies of crocodiles and coelacanths, persistent despite the extinction of their brethren. There is love for both the basic nature of the living, as well as the exalted intelligence of having lived. Complexities of identity and feeling are neither to be ignored. We worship violence the same as fertility. How am I to choose between the further billions of individuals to feed my child? They are deserving of it all. The exuberance of participating in every facet of being that is and shall be, seeing themselves in every organ. My wish is that they may have the ability to witness the same totality of beauty in the world as I have."

and so Leviathan tells Satan to hunt everything from the smallest single-celled organism to the largest megafauna to feed his child so that they may be able to experience all life has to offer. the first person is now alive and its humanitys turn to be central to the story