Castle of the Black Dragon

Holidays & The Cycle of Time

With each year we have a reflection of the great Fall of Satan and His kin down, down to what, come spring, is established as Hell.

The Fall Equinox of Satan Satanael recalls the fall and rebellion of angels, and in memory of the suffering They endured, but ultimately a holiday of hope in that in this sacrifice of self for the greater good there is happiness to come.

The Winter Solstice of Satan Asmodeus is the celebration of freedom, recalling Asmodeus and His kin being freed from the enslavement of s/olomon. And just like the sun, by Satan Asmodeus are we reborn into free beings and better versions of ourselves. We are still a broken not-even nation but at least we are now individuals shackled to none, wiser and lighter, sure of the Hell we wish to build.

The Spring Equinox of Satan Lucifer is the start of our nation of Hell. We were always a community in love for one another, but now we resolve to building the structures to create the world we wish to make for ourselves and each other. It’s a time for organizing, starting new projects, and strengthening what we already have.

The Summer Solstice of Satan Belial is to see our Hell in full realization.

⛧ Fall

The sun is in it's midpoint between North and South. The sun sets in the West, much like in fall it gets colder and things begin to die, making this season West, Water, Satanael.

Fall/Autumnal Equinox

When the days and nights are of equal lengths, but from then on the days get shorter and the nights get longer as the sun moves into the southern hemisphere.

Celebration of the world's gifts, thanks for another year lived, and participating in indulgences and desires as if you're soon, because metaphorically you are. Signifies the beginning of the Fall, ending on Halloween when Satan and His people are established and rejoiced in Hell. The West, Water, and Satanael. Heralds Satan's epitome: Halloween.

Devil's Night - October 30th

The night Demons are petitioned to for war against injustice and personal ills. A ritual is performed in which the Demons of Hell are given offerings and honours so that they might answer our pleas. Things and concepts we'd like to get rid of, both externally and within ourselves, are written down on scraps of paper to be burned, and in this burning they are carried away by the Demons to do what They will to destroy them. This carrying away is also a cleansing of ourselves.


General celebration of Satan in His totality, Hell, the self, the universe, and being alive. Honouring the good things in life. You know what it's about.

Honouring of the Dead in Hell - American Thanksgiving

Truth be told, I just wanted something to do with all the left overs generated.

⛧ Winter

The sun is in the southern hemisphere, thus making this season South, Fire, Asmodeus.

Winter/Hibernal Solstice

When the sun is furthest into the South, producing the longest night of the year before beginning it's way back.

A time to honour the dead and love those that're still alive with us. This is a day to reflect on what lies inside of you, as winter is a dark and solemn time. Light fires and feel the warmth and wisdom of Asmodeus radiating through us to these deeper reaches we may hide away. The South, Fire, and Asmodeus.

Anniversary of the Serpents – February 14th

An adaptation of Valentine's Day to honour the Leviathans and Their message of love, family, and the persistence of compassion despite it all.

New Year's Eve/New Year's Day – Baphomet/Azazel

⛧ Spring

The sun is at its midway point between North and South. The sun rises in the East, much like how spring brings new life, as well, making this season East, Air, Lucifer.

Spring/Vernal Equinox

The sun rises once again from the quiet, deadening winter, as Lucifer rises from Hell to beacon His light to guide the Earth. We have come together in the season of Asmodeus under a common bond, rallied and healed, so now it’s time to build our Utopia.

April Fools - April 1st (to be satanified)

May Day

Human sacrifice (symbollic) to Moloch for fertility in the coming year. Inspired by similarities between the wicker man and Moloch of the bible.

⛧ Summer

The sun is in the northern hemisphere, thus making this season North, Earth, Belial. Hell is flourishing.

Summer/Estival Solstice

⛧ Miscellaneous

Friday the Thirteenth

Fasting of things we may like, but ultimately cause us harm, traded in for acts of hedonism and offerings to the self and to the Infernal. Fabulous time for magic.

Waxing/Full Moon

Illumination and concentration, therefore Above, the Alchemized, Beelzebub.

Waning/New Moon

Subconscious and untouched by the sun, therefore Below, the Natural State, Azazel.