Castle of the Black Dragon

Infernal Beings

The Seven Satans

In my belief system, Satan, or the Devil, is not so straightfoward. Over the past couple thousand years, the legend of the grand antagonist of the Abrahamic faiths has evolved to take many more than hundreds of iterations. Plenty are heinous in Their own special ways, others are of righteous gandeur, but most are simply warped and mistaken from Their true selves. These individuals will come to take the name and role of Satan, sort of like a mask or title, while at the same time integrating into the greater collective consciousness of Satan. They bleed into Whom we know as the Devil like tributaries to a river, or bundled together as heads on a terrible hydra.

For the sake of sacred numbers, there are seven canonical Satans in my path, but know that there are many, many more. If you originally come from muslism or jewish faiths, you may choose to replace any of these I'll have listed with Iblis or Lilith, respectively. Switch Them out at your disgression, or even give or take numbers if that's what suits your work.

Azazel - Satanael - Asmodeus - Lucifer - Belial - Beelzebub - Baphomet

These Devils all have Their own associations and representations. From the feral woods of Azazel we are lead through a descension with Satanael, the passionate reflection of Asmodeus, rebuilding oneself with Lucifer, flourishing with Belial, reaching an ascended state with Beelzebub, and finally the end and the beginning of Baphomet.

The Infernal Companion

Coming of many backgrounds, faces, and purposes, these entities are mirror reflections of you and your fate, past, present, and future. They are both products of our lives and hands in it. Everyone has one, although they may not have ever met Them.

Personally, I was raised Christian, so my Companion originates as a gaurdian angel. Whether or not He brought me to Satan or I took Him down with me is uncertain, but now He is fallen. A weary soul of sword and flame. I do not see Him face to face often, but I know that I am never without Him.