Castle of the Black Dragon

About the Satanist

Hello again. My name is Johnny, ritual alias "The Manticore", or, more stylized, Johnny Manticore. I'm a 24 year old peacock (a type of nonbinary man) living on the Great Plains of North America. Originating my practice in perhaps 2017, the religion I follow has been heavily personalized and curated from hundreds of inspirations to best fit what I need. That's not to say the Devil does not guide my hand and mind, but we work together to form something that makes sense.

Aside from Satanism, I'm thoroughly interested in all facets of religion. There is good and bad in most all of it, and to spend a life time in experience and study would be a life lived happily. I'll soon be returning to college to pursue a degree in liberal arts with a religious studies focus. Perhaps some day I will be blessed enough to make it my career as a scholar of Satanism, but I'm open to where ever that Great Dragon shall take me.

Thank you so much for taking an eye to my website. I do hope it has served you well. Hail Satan and Hail Thyself.